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  • Deep Dish Walk 52 photos Deep Dish Walk Chicago Pizza Tours Chicago, IL Chicago Pizza Tours' Deep Dish Walk & Cultural Sights starts at the border of Streeterville & The Gold Coast on Chicago's Near North Side.  Walk through the Gold Coast, one of the country's most affluent neighborhoods and into River North, Chicago's … read more › $40.00 Info & Tickets true /uploads/f8/cc/bf/303d77125d488ff5f5e3f01ce2bfccf8-302x229.jpg $40.00 302 201 -87.6284040 41.8986740
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  • Crime Tours-Criminals, Mobsters & Gangsters Crime Tours-Criminals, Mobsters & Gangsters Chicago Crime Tours Near North Side Escape into Chicago's underworld on a crime and mob tour with Chicago Crime Tours.  Some of the world’s most famous criminals, mobsters and gangsters bamboozled their way through Chicago. Sit comfortably on a climate controlled bus and enjoy sightseeing … read more › $39.95 Info & Contact true /uploads/3b/dc/fe/ac30e4064977cfd4369df45a17fedc3b-302x229.jpg $39.95 302 160 -87.6230863 41.8971950
  • Hop on Hop off Chicago Trolley Tour Hop on Hop off Chicago Trolley Tour Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co. The Loop Leave your car keys behind! Chicago Trolley & Double Decker's Hop on Hop off Tour is designed to offer a fast and convenient way to get around to Chicago’s dozens of neighborhoods and stunning landmarks. Whenever you’re ready to check out a museum or an … read more › $45.00 Info & Contact true /uploads/fa/46/eb/7cdbc44e4f75c2a950f3451c0deb46fa-302x229.jpg $45.00 302 201
  • Chicago Film Tour Chicago Film Tour Chicago Film Tour River North Chicago is a perfect destination for movie buffs of all ages and all tastes, because this great city has provided the backdrop to dozens of fantastic films!On this tour, in less than two hours, you will travel more than thirty miles, from Chinatown to … read more › $30.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_bus_van_tours_226x170.jpg $30.00 226 170 -87.6488140 41.8922176
  • Southside Gangster Bicycle Tour Southside Gangster Bicycle Tour Bobby's Bike Hike Near South Side Stick ‘em up and pedal down in the Southside of Chicago! Bike the turf of America’s most fashionable bands of criminals on this Southside Gangster Bicycle Tour with Bobby’s Bike Hike!Your tour will take you around one of the suavest and most dangerous … read more › $48.50 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_history_culture_tours_226x170.jpg $48.50 226 170
  • Progressive Chicago Dining Tour Progressive Chicago Dining Tour Chicago Dine Around Magnificent Mile Looking to experience both the cultural and culinary sides of “The Windy City?” Chicago Dine-Around aims to provide you with a unique and interactive dining experience and a fun way to see the area. Experience the sights and sounds of Chicago with a group … read more › $85.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_food_culinary_tours_226x170.jpg $85.00 226 170 -87.6234473 41.8983994
  • North Segway Tour North Segway Tour Steve's Segway Tours Near North Side Explore a great area of “The Windy City” in a unique and interactive way on Steve’s Segway North Tour!This three-hour trip will head north from the scenic 319-acre Grant Park over the Chicago River and then glide along the beautiful Lakefront to the … read more › $70.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_segway_tours_226x170.jpg $70.00 226 170 -87.6206955 41.8808885
  • Cupcake Tour of Chicago Cupcake Tour of Chicago Great Food Tours Near North Side Take a stroll on the softer side of Chi-town with the Cupcake Tour of Chicago by Great Food Tours! Saunter through Chicago’s luxurious Magnificent Mile shopping district, home to endless couture designer boutiques and savor tastings at the upscale … read more › $50.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_food_culinary_tours_226x170.jpg $50.00 226 170
  • Holiday Lights Trolley Tour Holiday Lights Trolley Tour Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co. Magnificent Mile Experience the magic of the holidays with Chicago's most spectacular light displays at some of the citys most popular destinations!Start at the iconic John Hancock Center on the Magnificent Mile. You and old will delight in the stunning displays along … read more › $29.00 Info & Contact true /directory/img/index/thumb_trolley_tours_226x170.jpg $29.00 226 170 -87.6241985 41.8975659
  • Amazing Lakefront Bicycle Tour Amazing Lakefront Bicycle Tour Bike and Roll The Loop Get those feet pumping! Join Bike and Roll for a guided ride through one of America’s most popular cities. On the Amazing Lakefront Bicycle Tour, you will get to discover some of the city’s most famous sights from the seat of a bike!Bike and Roll wants to … read more › $39.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_bike_tours_226x170.jpg $39.00 226 170 -87.6110902 41.8911794
  • Noble Horse Carriage Ride Noble Horse Carriage Ride The Noble Horse Carriages Old Town Take in the town from the comfort of a carriage when you go on a Carriage Ride with Noble Horse! Touring in a carriage offers a feeling of elegance and style that you just can’t get from any other vehicle.The Noble Horse is one of the oldest riding halls … read more › $40.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_carriage_tours_226x170.jpg $40.00 226 170
  • Friendly Neighborhoods Bicycle Tour Friendly Neighborhoods Bicycle Tour Bike and Roll Near North Side No, this isn’t your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman… even better, this is your Friendly Neighborhood Bicycle Tour! The city of Chicago can now be experienced in a new and exciting way, with the wind in your hair and your feet on the pedals!Your guide will … read more › $39.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_bike_tours_226x170.jpg $39.00 226 170 -87.6263984 41.8872438
  • Water Tower Place Free Tour Water Tower Place Free Tour Water Tower Place Streeterville Discover the history behind a Magnificent Mile mall by taking a Tour of Water Tower Place! Built in 1975, this 74-story skyscraper houses a multi-level mall, a luxury hotel, offices and condominiums. Explore the history of this iconic building on a guided … read more › Free Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_other_landmark_tours_226x170.jpg Free 226 170 -87.6228636 41.8975896
  • Chicago Mini Bus Tour Chicago Mini Bus Tour See It All Mini Bus Tours The Loop Climb aboard for a Chicago Mini Bus Tour that will take you on a narrated journey through the heart of the Windy City! You will be driven through the urban streets, passing by the most iconic skyscrapers, sculptures and parks, and stopping at prime photo … read more › $39.00 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_bus_vehicle_tours_226x170.jpg $39.00 226 170
  • Lakefront Neighborhoods Bicycle Tour Lakefront Neighborhoods Bicycle Tour Bobby's Bike Hike Lincoln Park Want to take a ride along Chicago’s Lakeside? Join Bobby’s Bike Hike as they take you on a bicycle tour through some of Chicago's lakefront neighborhoods! On this tour you will have the opportunity to see: Oprah’s House. The Original Playboy Mansion. … read more › $39.75 Info & Contact false /directory/img/index/thumb_bike_tours_226x170.jpg $39.75 226 170