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  • Explore the Brooklyn neighborhoods, schools, and street corners in your favorite rap songs, from Flatbush Ave to Junior’s Restaurant.

  • Take a stroll through Harlem to the sites that nurtured Hip Hop culture, with the Hip Hop pioneers themselves as your guide!

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The Birthplace of Hip Hop tour is at the heart of our New York tour experience. You’ll ride through Harlem and travel through the “Boogie Down” Bronx, where you will see some of the most important sites in hip hop. Only Hush Tours will take you to these secret Battle Sites, Historic Clubs, and the scenes for some of the most famous music video and movie locations.

On the four-hour version of this tour, we will be making a lunch stop at an authentic New York restaurant. Please note the the three-hour version of this tour does not stop for lunch.

Travel through classic hip hop terrain on an intimate ride led by one of our famous hosts, including Grandmaster Caz (from the Cold Crush Brothers), Kurtis Blow, Rahiem (from the Furious Five), Reggie Reg (from Crash Crew). Their stories will give you insight into the history and growth of hip hop as you check out some of its most important landmarks, like:
  • Hip Hop Revolution Exhibition April 6 - Sept 15, 2015 (Museum Donation Welcomed)
  • Graffiti Wall of Fame
  • Harlem World
  • The Apollo Theater
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Famous Murals Dedicated to Legends like Big L, Kool Herc, and More
Visit the site of the first ever hip hop party (hosted by DJ Kool Herc) and take photos of all of the iconic street murals and also get to take photos with your guides, get autographs, and receive a complimentary group photo of the whole tour crew. If you do nothing else in New York, you have to take the Birthplace of Hip Hop tour.

What Is Not Included?

Lunch is not included in the price of the tour. The four-hour version of this tour will be making a lunch stop. Please bring cash as it is likely that the restaurant we will visit won't accept credit cards. The three-hour trip will not be stopping for lunch. Please feel free to bring a snack along.

Souvenirs are not included in the price of the tour. Our participants have the opportunity to purchase exclusive CDs, T-Shirts, and more to remind them of their trip. Please bring cash if you might want to purchase lunch and/or souvenirs.

Meeting Location

Near Bloomingdales in Midtown Manhattan (New York, NY) (Exact meeting location details will be provided immediately upon purchase of tickets.)
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Rating: 5
grandmaster caz is a legend
Sat, May 16  10:00 AM Male 20-29 International Tourist(s) Individual
Best tour i ever dith . I had a great time .
Rating: 5
Magical hip hop mystery tour !!!
Fri, May 8  11:00 AM Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Family Without Children
Well, me and the wife (both 40's guys from France, fairly good English level) are so enthusiastic about this tour I'm afraid 3000 characters would be too short to describe how great of an experience it was and how long it will stay in our memories ! Meeting at 11 am started not so good because of me (bad hangover from a night out going to bed at 6 am to checkout Just Blaze at Webster Hall...), but then the real thing started and it was so well organized and so well paced and oh so well interesting and entertaining that I totally forget about my hangover for 4 hours. Yes 4 hours may seems long on a busy NYC sightseeing schedule but damn if you consider yourself a fan of hip hop or even a fan of music in general or even interested in one of the main culture that emerged from the city of New York you HAVE to take that tour. Ok I must admit I am myself a big fan of music in general and hip hop in particular since 30 years (my wife is just enthusiast), record collector, passionate about the musical culture and various genres and their history. We already visited Harlem on our last trip in NYC but I felt I missed the "real" birthplace of hip hop that is the Bronx. We had the opportunity to take this bus tour that covers both and damn it was a good idea. The staff is brilliant, Rayza welcomed us (rapper who recorded with Cam'Ron !) and was showing videos and pictures on the bus big screen, the driver was excellent in handling the NYC busy traffic and last but not least we had the legendary Grandmaster Caz from the Cold Crush Brothers as our guide and dj (selection was tight, oh my god "The Bridge is Over" from BDP when arriving in the Bronx...) and MC (he still got it to say the least, he did his "MC's Delight" for us, LEGEND). If there is one guy that is qualified to tell you the story of hip hop and guide you in Harlem and the Bronx that's him, he lived it, he knows it, no one told him, he really saw it and was (and still is !) a major actor of the culture. Yes he'd "ghostwritten" part of the verses of "Rapper's Delight" but that would be quite simplistic to summarize his contribution to hip hop to that sole work. He was a breaker (we had a demo from one of NYC breaking top b-boy by the way), DJ and still is an excellent MC as you will hear it ! We saw so much legendary spots in both Harlem and the Bronx that would be impossible to find by yourself in 4 hours and everything was timed to perfection, not too long, not too fast, Caz even took pictures of us on many occasions ! The meal at the soulfood restaurant in the Bronx was perfect, I had the opportunity to ask Caz to sign my Cold Crush and his records and he obliged, I was in heaven !!! I'm so so glad my wife accepted to take this tour with me and she really appreciated it too. To be honest I'm really considering doing it again when I'll hit NYC next time cause it was for sure one of the highlights of our trip, not a minute of those 4 hours was less interesting or entertaining, PERFECT experience !
Rating: 5
Quality hip hop tour! 10/10
Fri, May 8  11:00 AM Male 20-29 International Tourist(s) Unspecified
I thoroughly enjoyed the "birthplace of Hip Hop tour"! Ii highly recommend this tour to anyone who considers themselves a Hip Hop head/fan/lover. Having the one and only Grandmaster Caz take you through harlem and the bronx on his custom tour bus is the only way to get up on all your Hip Hop history. The tour included live rhymes from the man himself, stories, stops at meanigful and important locations/sites in the evolution of the culture, breaking demonstration, lunch stop, merchanndise etc etc. a very well structured tour from start to finish. Very entertaining and informative.

A.Saxon - Australia
Rating: 5
Amazing time
Wed, May 6  11:00 AM Male 30-39 Domestic Tourist(s) Unspecified
It was everything that I dreamed of. Caz was the man and respected my 68 year old mom was there!!
Rating: 5
Great guide and a great tour.
Sat, May 2  2:00 PM Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Our guide was the legendary Kurtis Blow. He took us on a trip back to the roots of hip-hop and gave us an insiders look into what was really going on from the perspective of someone who was not just there but was a participant and major contributor to the early scene. All the locations were bang on both interesting and informative and there was a good mix of tour guide speaks and multimedia presentation both music and video to highlight the importance and contribution of every stop. I would say there were a few attempts at getting participation from the group which may annoy those who just want to sit back and absorb. However none of the operators were pushy or rude to those not inclined to join in so it shouldn't be an issue unless you hate to be asked to do things and are not comfortable to politely decline. I am not even a huge fan of hip hop but this tour still has a lot to offer even if your interest is only casual. Good history and a lot of fun to be had. Thanks Guys!
Rating: 5
Wed, Apr 29  11:00 AM Male 20-29 International Tourist(s) Group of Friends
An amazing tour around the true roots of HipHop, guided by the original MC's of the earliest time! A must for anyone interested in music or NewYork culture.
Rating: 5
awesome tour
Sat, Apr 25  11:00 AM Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Grandmaster Caz, great guide. Very personable. The tour took me through areas of New York I wouldn't have otherwise seen. Harlem, Bronx, etc. Stopping every few stops getting out taking photos. Very inter-active. Dancing and music with a little history of how Hip Hop all began. In the middle of all the excitement, I tore my achilles Tendon. And I would not let that stop the party. Stopped at the museum to see old photos of tje guys back in the day to the present. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who may be interested. Hopefully you get Grandmaster Caz, you will have a fabulous time.
Rating: 5
Awesome experience
Sat, Apr 25  11:00 AM Female 40-49 Domestic Tourist(s) Group of Friends
Enjoyed the tour guide, the hip hop knowledge and all the syops. Also enjoyed the music and diversify of the group.
Rating: 5
If you love Hip Hop you must take this Tour
Sat, Apr 25  11:00 AM Female 40-49 Local Group of Friends
I had the best time...Don't let 3 hours turn you off, the best 3 hour in New York
Rating: 5
another fantastic hip hop tour
Wed, Apr 22  11:00 AM Male 40-49 International Tourist(s) Other
this was my second time on the tour,luckily for me I had the legend that is grandmaster caz heading are fantastic an ex b boy going to all the original sites and places of interest.the tour was great the first time around (8 years ago) but it well beat my expectations this was the highlight of my new York trip this year and would happily go on it again next time I am in new York.a big shout out to grandmaster caz and the rest of the guys at hush tours.
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Why Should I Take the Hush Tour?
Hush Tours is the only experience of its kind. It is a comprehensive hip hop tour that focuses on the true origins of hip hop culture 40 years ago, with real celebrity talent as tour guides. Every Hush Tour is its own unique experience, providing a comprehensive overview of the most important elements of the New York hip hop scene. From DJs, MCs, B-Boys, and Graffiti artists, every tour is designed to provide you with a one of a kind opportunity to see a side of New York that not even residents have seen.
But I Don’t Like Rap. Will I Like This Tour?
Absolutely. Hip hop is a culture, not simply a style of music. Hip hop culture is filled with an incredible artistic history, as well as a community that has influenced generations not only in New York, but around the world. Our tours have humor, energy, and a stories all their own, and take you into areas of New York that you don’t have to like hip hop music to appreciate.
Is Your Tour Age Appropriate?
Yes. We frequently have guests over the age of 5 on the tour, and we are very popular with teenagers and young adults all the way to senior citizens.
What Age Qualifies for a Child Ticket?
All children ages 6-18, who will take their own seat on the bus, must purchase a reduced price Child ticket. Any children ages 5 and under who will not need their own seat may come free of charge, but must sit on an adults lap. If a child 5 and under does require their own seat, he or she must have a reduced price Child ticket.
Can I Send My Child Alone?
We do allow teenagers to be on the bus alone. Keep in mind that the tours often make stops, so your child will be expected to stay with the group at all times. Please make sure you provide them with some type of cell phone so that they can reach you, and let us know in advance that your child will be on board without adult supervision.
What is the difference between the three and four hour versions of this tour?
The four-hour version of this tour will be making a lunch stop at an authentic New York restaurant. If you choose to attend the four-hour tour, please bring cash, as the place we will be stopping at may not accept credit cards. Please note that the three-hour version of this tour will not be stopping for lunch. Feel free to bring along a snack!
If a Tour is Sold Out, Do You Have a Waiting List?
Not yet. Our tours are available on a first come, first served basis. Tours usually do sell out, so we encourage you to purchase tickets well in advance and plan your trip accordingly.
What Ethnic Group, Gender, and/or Age Audience is Hush Tours For?
All of them! Hush Tours is the definition of family friendly. Hip hop culture isn’t about age, ethnicity, or gender. It’s about experiencing the birthplace of a movement that has touched future generations. We’re a great choice for those that appreciate both old school and new school hip hop, and if you read our reviews you’ll see that even those that have never had much flavor for hip hop culture have loved their Hush Tours experience.
Do I Really Get to Meet Celebrities with Hush Tours?
Yes! Your tour guides are all legends of hip hop, and were themselves a part of hip hop history. Some of your possible celebrity guides include Grandmaster Caz of The Cold Crush Brothers, Rahiem from Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five, Ralph McDaniels, Lady K Fever, Johnny Famous, DJ Red Alert, as well as several others, and there are always surprise guest on each tour.
Do You Cancel in Bad Weather?
You know nothing can stop hip hop. Except for snow and dangerous storms of course. We do everything we can to still hold our tours and cancellations are very rare. Expect the tour to continue unless the weather is severe, and call us if you’re concerned.
Are There Any Other Tours Like Hush Tours in NYC?
None. Hush Tours is a one of a kind experience. Not only is it the only tour of hip hop history, it’s also the only tour narrated by the legends that have been there. There are other tours that go through Harlem or hit up some of the Jazz clubs, but no other tour provides the same perspective and insight on the total hip hop experience that you receive through Hush Tours.
Do You Ever Skip Sections of the Tour?
While rare, we do occasionally need to modify a tour last minute or skip planned locations as a result of traffic conditions, construction, or issues that affect the tour route. We assume no responsibility for access to sites and activities or circumstances beyond our control. Keep in mind that on occasion we’ll also change up our tours on purpose to provide a brand new experience to the visitor.
Is Your Tour Available in Any Language Besides English?
Yes, provide points of interest written in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese. Unfortunately, our tour guides only speak English during the tour, however this tour is both musical and visual and can appreciated by those that do not speak the language. Hip Hop appeals to people of all backgrounds.
Is Your Tour Bus Wheelchair Accessible?
Unfortunately, no. At the moment, we do not have a bus that is wheelchair accessible. We are looking into it.
What Are the Requirements for a Discounted Ticket?
All children 18 and under qualify for a youth ticket, which is offered at a discount. Keep in mind when you purchase a tickets that those not escorted by an adult are expected to stay with the group at all times, and responsible for sticking with the group. We do recommend that children under the age of 14 or those that have a tendency to wander off come with an adult, but it is not required.
Do You Allow Videotaping?
We do allow photography off the bus, but filming and audiotaping are prohibited. Our guides like to be able to speak with you freely and tell you stories that they want coming from them in person.
Do You Offer Gift Certificates?
Yes! To purchase a gift certificate please click on the "Gift Certificates: Purchase" link in the box above.
Can I Book a Private/Customized Tour?
Absolutely! We offer private and customized tours for groups, billed at an hourly rate with a minimum of 4 hours. Learn more about our private tours by contacting
I Have a Coupon Code. How Do I Use It?
Each coupon code has specific guidelines for use. Some may be for specific types of tickets/tours, and other may be for limited time frames. If you find you are having difficulty using a coupon code online, please call us at 212-714-3544 and we’ll look into the problem.
Is lunch included in the tour?
Effective May 1, 2015 thru November 30, 2015 (Saturdays only) the tour is 3 hours and there is no lunch stop.


Refund/Rescheduling Policy

Non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled.
Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event.

Weather Policy

Activity may be cancelled due to severe weather.
The activity usually runs in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but the seller may cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If the seller cancels the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.

Other Policies

Winter Months
Please email or call 212 714-3527 24 hours prior to tour date during the months of December - March to reconfirm and receive up to date tour information as the weather patterns fluctuate.

Hush Tours

Hush Tours, Inc. is owned and operated by a Licensed New York City Tour Guide and has been in operation since June 2002. We have been inviting our guests to join us in celebration of New York City as the birthplace of Hip Hop culture! We have been featured on MTV, VH1, BET and The Fuse Network along with numerous other national and international press outlets and participates in the annual promotion with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Week.

Our vision is to preserve the roots of hip hop culture while offering our guests a family friendly opportunity to revisit present day history. This fact finding tour allows visitors to meet, greet and be guided by hip hop legends like Grandmaster Caz, Kurtis Blow, Raheim, Reggie Reg. Ralph McDaniels, Melle Mel, DJ Kool Herc and an assortment of others. Customers are taught the true essence of hip hop culture in an educational and entertaining format while traveling outside of the beaten path.

Hush Tours is an active member of NYC & Co., The Bronx Tourism Council, the East Harlem Tourism Board and a City and State Certified M/WBE.
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