Accomplice: The Village
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photo Activity Description
Is it a show?  Is it a game?  Is it a tour?  It’s an experience.   
From the creators of Accomplice: New York - an all new adventure! 
Accomplice: The Village is the second production from the Accomplice team - a theatrical experience unlike any on Broadway, taking the audience on an actual journey through the streets of New York's West Village.  Spend an afternoon getting caught in a maze in which you'll experience New York City in a whole new way! 
Armed with a few initial bits of information, participants are sent on a mission along the streets of the Village aiding in the execution of a meticulously crafted criminal plot, piecing clues together, and relying on their own street smarts to make it to the end. 
The Accomplice sites, naturally, are kept secret - it's all part of the fun. 

Who's in on itWho's notAccomplice:  The Village is an experience you won't soon forget.   

"Not enough information," you say? Trust us - the fun is in the surprises. 
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Meeting Location: West Village (Lower Manhattan, NY)
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